Petty Positive

When starting this concept Banana Klip I really didn't know what it what turn into. If it would be successful or a complete waste of time. The site has been live for 3 months now, and I'm pleased to say that there have been 113 individual orders placed on the site, with 23 orders that are repeat customers. Very pleased with that thus far.

The one thing that I have not done is promote my product or site via Facebook. Yes, I created a Facebook page. However, I haven't invited anyone to like the page. Now, you may ask yourself why the hell not invite people to 'Like' your page.

So here goes my insane logic, and I have not been proved wrong yet. However, I'd love to be proved wrong on this one.

The @ShopBananaKlip Instagram page has almost 10k followers. Not one of them were bought I might add. I believe most of my followers came from a sponsored ad I ran through Instagram. At the same time I was creating a unique profile layout that attracted followers once they came to the BananaKlip page on Instagram. I do have a few people I follow on my personal ig page that follow the @ShopBananaKlip page, which I appreciate don't get me wrong.

SideNote: I love when you actually like the photo's as well on IG.

So why not Facebook? Well I personally have to invite you to 'Like' the page. I don't want to invite you to like something, I want you to support it. Do you think these designs just come out my ass and bam they are on a shirt? Well maybe they do come out my ass and I just make them up, but I still have to put hours of work behind it. At the same time, I have been very private about announcing I am the one behind the entire concept.

The reasoning behind this is simple. My people always want free shit. Always asking you if they can get a shirt or a hat. At the same time they'll go spend their money on clothes from a designer they have zero associations with. I don't like to think the people I associate with are petty, but damn y'all are petty AF. So I've chosen to keep the mask on, and not blast my brand all over Facebook. Instagram and pay-per-click ads have gotten me this far, so why do I need to invite 'friends' on Facebook to go and 'Like' a page. For the record, WorldStar, was my recipe for success when it came to keywords within my Google Pay Per Click ads. Targeted my demographic with that one simple keyword. That same demographic fits into my direct friend network, but they want free shit.

Do I show up at your barber shop asking for a free cut?

Do I show up at your shop and ask for a free oil change?

Do I ask for free massages if I know you're a massage therapist?

Do I hit you up for free eighths or half eighths?

Hell no I don't. I support you. I appreciate your service, and I pay you for it. Too many petty positive ass people in this world. If you are ready to unload your klip of petty. Do so by liking the Bananaklip Facebook page, and I will personally message you with a 20% promo code to use within our shop.

This concludes the "Petty Positive" blog.